A Thought a Day

14 May

Some people aren’t fond of writing unless it is required of them. Well, what they do not realize is that writing down at least a thought per day is a great way to not only collect your thoughts but also reflect and improve your self-being. You see, the thing that hinders our growth no matter how much we learn is the fact that we forget what we learn. It may be a simple thought or a simply theory, a poem, or just another random writing. Writing on a single page of paper per day throughout the whole year is a great way for you to grow.

The more you write, the more vocal you become with yourself and the more vocal you become with yourself, the more you will realize about yourself. One thing that hinders people from growth is the rejection of certain necessary truths or thoughts lurking within our minds. Do not be afraid to write it down. You may not be able to answer them today but maybe someday, you’d be able to look back and solve your previous problems altogether.

Reflection is not the only reason why you should be writing everyday but it is definitely a good one. The more you reflect on things, the more confidence you get to face them head on and the more confident you become, the easier it will be for you to face on bigger challenges. Growth might be a painful thing, but then again, without pain, there won’t be much progress.

Collecting your thoughts at the end of the year can be a great way for you to review not just your ideas but also your growth. Let’s face it, everybody changes. But have we changed into someone we are proud of or have we changed into someone who needs a little more changing to do.

Everyday we venture a little further. Everyday we step a couple more steps. Everyday we find ourselves a little farther away from where we used to be. This is good because as human beings, we aren’t meant to stay at one spot for the rest of our lives. As human beings, we get bored of being at the same spot for a long period of time. Sometimes, this even means finding ourselves in wrong situations just for us to grow into someone else.

Collecting your thoughts helps you put things into place piece by piece and though it may be a struggle at first to get started, it is definitely beneficial for you later on. Looking back at how much you’ve grown gives you the strength to grow even further.

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