8 Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships

3 Mar


There are a lot of couples these days that started as long-distance lovers. A proportion of LDRs existed due to career growth (say for example a promotion in Singapore) or the need to migrate to another country with the whole family. Nevertheless, despite the distance, a great number of LDRs are successful of making it to a happily ever after. So, it’s safe to say that being in an LDR is not so bad after all. You may be geographically single but you don’t feel alone. Don’t feel miserable for yourself that you’re in this kind of relationship. Here, let me tell you 8 things you can benefit from long-distance relationships.

  1. You get to test trust. Trust is one of the essentials of a long-lasting relationship. You learn to give it and you learn to receive it at the same time. Since relationships are two way, the subjective belief of your partner’s genuineness gives credibility to the reason why you are holding on despite the distance and the fact that you don’t see each other often than the conventional.


  1. You learn to be patient. You can’t always demand your partner’s time and resources. All the more, responding to demands becomes hardly possible because you two are apart. You learn to wait for his/her availability, calls, emails, and packages – the most, his/her next visit!


  1. You get to know more about yourself. With LDRs, you get a lot of “me” time. This is good most especially when you are maturing. It helps you get thru it independently. You know more of your strengths and weaknesses as an individual. You even get to discover a new you.


  1. You save a lot. Since you rarely meet up, you get to save a lot of money and time. Both for men and women in this kind of relationship save resources of all sorts.

  1. You have more time with your friends and family. Along with some “me” time is your time to continue living in the lives of your family and friends. Also, you won’t feel secluded in your love life.


  1. You become creative. Distance has never been a hindrance to spice up the romance between two virtually connected lovers. You learn to explore other means and ways to be affectionate and to make him/her feel your presence in the most possible way that you’d want them to.


  1. You develop. With the luxury of time you both have, you learn new things. You even meet new people and hear new stories. You simply get to know more about life itself. In the end, you realize you’ve come to be a better person each time – both of you as you grow individually but together.


  1. You fall in love some more. It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The distance itself and the commitment you put so much into it make you realize that it’s all worth it.

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