4 Tips to Better Organize Your Closet

14 Sep

It’s an open secret for girls geographically anywhere to have a certain knack for shopping. And what better way to give in to that almost primal inkling than to shop for clothes?

If you’re basically able to have that handsome dough to burn, then that’s more than okay. But what’s next in this almost knee-jerk reflex is the space to contain them in our homes. If your shopping habits require a walk-in wardrobe you don’t have, then you have a tiny problem on the verge of bursting.

So before you fill your household with items you just can’t help but purchasing, and clothes you have yet to wear, here are a few tips to help you keep those treasures right where you can conveniently find them:

1. Tie your scarves using a hanger
Whenever the air grows chilly or you just simply need a back-up source of warmth if you’re out for a long night, scarves are always a go-to option. You may have a myriad of options from color to type of material, but what is more important is you know where to find them when you need them.

However, since they’re a bit irregular in shape, you just can’t mix them with the usual items in your closet, making them lost in the jumble of your outfits. So to remedy this, you can tie them according to color or type of material around a hanger, for four or five pieces per hanger.

2. Organize your outfits in advance
If you spend excruciating and unnecessary time figuring out your OOTD whether at work or at school, then you just have to save those precious minutes. After hopping out of the bath, each minute counts. So to help you save time, organize your clothes ahead of time whether it be a few days before or at least a night before school or work.
Hang your clothes with labels for each day, that way you won’t have to rummage into each one of your clothes every single morning. You might want to get ahead in the OOTD department but your performance says otherwise. So keep your game up, both in terms of OOTD and punctuality.

3. Hang your shorts using shower rings
When the summer heat starts to creep in, those jeans might want to take a backseat in your closet. Unless your itinerary for the day includes formal appointments, shorts are indeed a good option to beat the heat.
However, sometimes your options just aren’t organized the way you want them to be, narrowing down your choices to a few select, easy-to-reach-for shorts. So to save your OOTDs, hang your shorts in your closet using shower rings. That way, you can see each one of them as you scan your closet.

4. Maximize hanger space
For outfits extra-sensitive to creases, you might want to just hang them instead of folding them in your closet. The catch here is that your rack might just run out of space for them. So to save space, use those tabs from soda cans (originally used to hold straws) and slip them along the neck of the hanger. That way you’d have two or three hangers dangling from the same corner of your rail.

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