4 DIY tips to organize your drawers

14 Sep

Sometimes you can’t help but give in to your impulse of purchasing just one more blouse, one more pair of shoes or yet another shade of nail polish in a shade you honestly don’t have (nude is different from old rose right?) so don’t be surprised to find your room a little bit out of space. Your belongings just tend to grow more and more every time you come home from the store.

So to help you tidy up your room and of course to finally get to use those items you’ve bought months ago, here are a few tips to organize your closet:

1. Stack shirts upright
Most of our shirts don’t necessarily need any hanging up when stowed inside our closets. It’s a given that since they don’t crease that much, they could readily go to drawers. A good way to stack them is to do so upright. This way, you get to see which shirts are available for use and you won’t have to rummage deep inside those stacks. This method also minimizes creases for those shirts with material hoarding inevitable wrinkles. So to save time when you’re in a rush to dress up, this arrangement will surely help you get to your appointment in no time.

2. Organize your underwear drawer with shoe boxes
There are clothing items too tiny to mix with our usual outfits. So to avoid them getting lost in all the tangle, make sure to place them in separate drawers for easy access. But even inside those drawers they could somehow get lost too. To save time and effort, use shoe boxes to separate your undies from each kind, color or even material. Straps won’t get tangled, garters won’t get stretched once you struggle to pull them out. This is a handy trick to get to see those undies with just a single open of your chest drawers.

3. Roll-up is still in the loop
So if you’ve heard of the rolling up method for packing your suitcases, this also does the same trick for your drawers. It effectively saves up space for your clothes and it’s also easy to find where each item is. You can organize your clothes by color if you’d like, to make them easy on the eyes to every time you open your drawers.

4. Organize gift boxes for your socks
If you’ve tried losing at least one pair of your socks then welcome to the club. It’s always an agony when you can’t find the other pair of your favorite socks. So to save yourself from the hassle, place those gift boxes you’ve received over the holidays or birthdays and put those sock where you can easily find them. No more forever-alone socks.

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