2016 Most-Searched Diets

29 Mar


Singaporeans are now aware of the good benefits of healthy living. It is not too late to consider it. Start with a good diet plan. There are many diet plans or trends in the market these days and it is up to you which one to consider. You can even hire a dietician or nutritionist to help you with your cause. However it pays to know the most searched diet plans last year.

Here are the most-searched diets in 2016:

  1. Weight Watchers Diet: This is actually the most-searched diet plan last year with celebrity endorses and the assurance to lose two pounds every week, it is hard not to notice it. Weight Watchers Diet re-launched “Beyond The Scale”.


  1. Low Carb Diet: This kind of diet is self-explanatory. It is simple – limit carbohydrates (like bread, pasta and sugary foods). In fact, many studies agree that low carb diet proved weight loss thereby improving health. This is the reason why it is the second most-searched diet trends in the market.


  1. Paleo Diet: Paleo diet is also known as caveman diet. It is endorsed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Biel. This diet says that you should eat according to what nature intends you to eat – by hunting and gathering. This diet only promotes berries, buts, fruit, vegetables and meat.

  1. Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic is actually one of the oldest diets there is in the world. It is after all on its 95th This is actually the diet of people with epilepsy. It promotes a no carb or extremely low carb diet. This diet will put the body in a state of ketosis – body will start to break down its fats and use it as energy.


  1. Mediterranean Diet: There is a reason why Mediterranean people are healthy. It is because of their diet and maybe some sun? Well, mostly it is their diet. People from Greece, Spain and Italy have diets high in fat. Actually people from these places have lower chances of getting heart diseases compared to United States and Canada. The diet involves food like legumes, vegetables, fruits, olive oil and whole grains.

Do not depend on diet alone because it is not completely healthy at all. Diet should come hand in hand with exercise for it to be effective. Exercise regularly and together with good diet, you will surely live healthy. The keys here are discipline and consistency. Your will to be healthy should not only cover a period of time.

Good luck and keep it up!

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