What to Give Our Grandparents  

22 Sep


Not all Singaporeans know this but we have this thing called ‘National Grandparents Day’. Actually, the holiday started in 1978. It was first seen in America but other countries are following the secular holiday in honour of our grandparents to whom we owe our lives. Without our grandparents, all things are not possible so it is just right that we give them honour.


Our grandparents may be ailing but it doesn’t give us an excuse not to be with them. More than ever, our grandparents need us. Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Singapore, South Sudan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Hong Kong celebrates Grandparents Day. Of course, we should not only give honour to our grandparents once a year. With or without Grandparents Day, we should give importance to them.

To show our love and affection to our grandparents, here are few do-it-yourself gift ideas that we can make for our beloved grandparents. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If our grandparents know that it comes from our physical toil, they will be more honoured. So, here are some ideas worth considering:

  • Picture sign: If we want our parents to keep a memento of us and our cousins, we can make a picture sign for them. We can keep this as simple as possible. For example, a cardboard with pictures and dedications from everybody will be great.
  • Ornaments: If we really want our grandparents to remember us specifically, we have to make ornaments and put our names on it. For example, we can give them our handprint in a glass which can be used as a décor.
  • Photo pendants: We want our grandparents to remember our faces not just our names so we can give them personalized photo pendants. A necklace with a photo pendant is not hard to make. We can consider ready-made necklaces and customize the pendants.

DIY Pendant Step 4

  • Monogram picture album: A flat surfaced album is plain and boring. Now here’s an idea – why not make a monogram picture album? The album will feature different events in our lives and putting it inside the letter “B” for example.
  • Book marks: For grandparents who love to read, making them a book mark is the easiest thing to do but the gesture will surely flatter them.
  • Dish towels: We can make our own dish towels too. We only need to look for a plain dishtowel and decorate it by sewing or painting it.
  • Family clock: To constantly remind our grandparents of time and of our presence, we can make a family clock. We just need to paste our pictures instead of numbers.


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