The Secret to Throwing the Best Christmas Party  

15 Jan

Singaporeans are keen on celebrating Christmas parties. Though it is not as grandiose as New Year parties, many hosts are still anxious in the hope of giving guests a memorable and one of a kind party. We can plan a simple Christmas party but if we want to invite more, we have to be particular about the preparations.


The good thing is that you do not need event organizers or planners to be successful – unless you are planning to throw a company Christmas party. With some tips, you can master the art of throwing a Christmas party or any party at that. Here are some secrets revealed for the best Christmas party – ever:

  • Plan in advance: You do not just think of Christmas party and have it the next day. Planning a party takes time and it should be weeks or months before it. Where should be the venue? What meals should you prepare? Who will you invite? These things are simple yet very critical when left ignored.
  • Give time to shop: You have decided who to invite, the meals and the venue, what now? It is time to shop. Invitation cards should be sent immediately so you will know who will join. If it is too much, you can make an online invitation that way it would be cheaper. If you decided to have it in the house, you have to shop for groceries and the decoration.


  • Allot time to decorate: Now that you have the decoration, it is time to actually put it with perhaps the help of your family and the people around you. It doesn’t have to be grand, sometimes simple decoration is well appreciated. You also need ascertain the position of more tables and chairs.
  • Start early: When the day has finally arrived, you need to start early. By the time guests arrive, 90% of the preparation should be done. Remember that your guests are there and no work is required of them unless they offer it or if you really need it.
  • Do not forget the program: A little program won’t hurt the party. In fact, it will enliven it. Do not forget the games.
  • Give little tokens: It is not required to give tokens but if you think you need to give something for their time and effort, you should by all means give tokens. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Most importantly, do not forget to have fun. The guests will sense if you are tensed or joyous and it is contagious.


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