Symptoms of Depression

10 Apr

You will be amazed of the recent studies made by University of Cambridge. A saliva test can now help detect and identify major depression among teenage boys which have minor symptoms of depression. Researchers found out that teenage boys with higher levels of cortisol coupled with minor symptoms of depression are fourteen times likely to encounter clinical depression.


The test was more effective with boys than girls. Studies show that 1 in 6 people encounter clinical depression. You should know that mental disorders begin before 24 but there is no testing that can identify depression. Because of the studies made by University of Cambridge, understanding mental problems will be easier here in Singapore and the whole world. This study can spot patients who are at risk so help can be given to them as early as possible.

In the past, depression can be diagnosed by talking to the patient but that is not the case now. With the help of saliva and gauging the levels of cortisol level, major depression can be spotted. Depression is a broad term. If you are asking about the symptoms, there is a long list and not everyone encounter the same symptoms. Here are some symptoms of depression that you should watch out:

  • Loss of interest: You enjoy a lot of things but you notice lately that you no longer enjoy the things that give you pleasure like hobbies and sex. That is a clear symptom.
  • Mood swings: Depression is also characterized by mood swings. One moment you are very happy but the next minute you are sad and anxious.Pain_Fotolia_5280821_XS
  • Exhaustion: Exhaustion is common for people suffering from depression. You will feel a decrease in your energy. You will also feel an increase in your fatigue levels.
  • Unpleasant thoughts: If unpleasant thoughts come into your mind every now and then, you should be alarmed. What are these unpleasant thoughts? These are death and suicide attempts.
  • Sleep troubles: You can have troubles sleeping at some point in time but if it persists for a long time and something is bothering you, it is a clear sign of depression. This also covers changes in your sleeping habits.
  • Physical pain: If you feel persistent physical pains like chronic pain, digestive pain and headaches despite treatments, you have to look for a doctor right away.

If you think that the symptoms are hindering your work and your relationship, you should be alarmed because you are suffering from major depression. Singaporeans endure major depression at some point in their lives but if it occurs for a long time, it is time that you seek for professional help. There are also other types of depression to include dysthymia, bipolar disorder, postpartum and clinical.



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