Singapore: Odd Laws That You Don’t Know

9 Jun

You are always packed with general knowledge on your visit to other countries. You tend to study their cultures, tourists spots, best places to go and etc. How about laws? In Singapore, there are definitely a lot of things to do especially with regards to exploring the country. However, there are governing laws that everyone must follow especially tourists as it is said “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”.


Although Singapore laws can be simply understood by a child, the penalties and the fines would make it complex and will influence you not to do it.

Litter Less, Pay More

In Singapore, laws with regards to cleanliness are very strict especially in public places. Littering is a big no-no when you are in the country (also, in other countries). But if you do so, you’ll be forced to pay $1000 and will serve in the community. If you do this thrice, authorities will force you to wear an “I am a litter hoodlum” sign.

Flush Your Sprinkled Liquid

It is strictly imposed in Singapore to not leave the public toilets dirty. After you use it, you must flush it. You cannot avoid this law because in every public restroom, there is a police that erratically checks the toilet bowls.


Chewy Law

Because authorities found out that there are a lot of chewing gums that stick in the cars, train stations as well as buses, Singapore banned the sale of chewing gum and even importing chewing gums is definitely illegal. Once caught, you will regret doing it as fines are incredibly hurtful.


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