Outdoor Play Space Ideas for Kids

6 Nov


The sun shines brightly, the birds chirp cheerfully, but the kids are playing video games inside. Trying to get the kids to play outdoors can be challenging, especially when you’re competing against TV shows and computer games. One of the best ways to invite the kids in the sun is to create an irresistible outdoor cove. Here are our favourite outdoor play space ideas that your kids and the entire family will adore.


  1. A Cool Tree House

A tree house is a great enticement for kids to play outdoors, and you can make it adult-friendly, too. Build the tree house between the two largest trees in your backyard. Add a few playful elements like a ladder, a tire swing and a rope course for your kids to play on, while you enjoy a cup of coffee with a view in a small bistro set under the tree house.

  1. A Swing Set

Very few playground accessories prove to be more fun than a classic swing set. Whether your tots are just learning how to walk or are approaching their teen years, they will surely appreciate a swing set. If you have kids in different age brackets, put up a play ground with different activities, such as rock climbing.

  1. Inflatable Pool

You can never go wrong with a pool on a hot summer day, but it’s not practical to build one just for fun. Installing an inflatable pool in your yard is just as good as having a real pool for kids. For a fun family get-together on a weekend, gather everyone in the backyard, grill some bbq and let the kids splash in cool water.


  1. Outdoor Movie Theatre

Even better than going to a real movie theatre is a stay-home theatre, and watch your favourite movie in your own yard. Set up a big screen outdoor, some lightning and picnic blankets or lawn chairs and tables for everyone to sit on. Serve some snacks during the film for a movie night alfresco.

  1. Creative Play

Your choice of creative play set-up should be influenced by your child’s preferred creative outlets, such as problem solving, art, music or building. A permanent fixture like a blank wall canvass or a wall-mounted chalkboard is a good idea, but you can also take regular indoor items outdoors. During an afternoon playtime, take out easel and paints, colourful chalks or play silks. All of these items can spark your kid’s creative side.

When creating a kids space outdoors, think of fun activities that your child may find interesting. Instead of setting up a large mat filled with toys, encourage more physical activities by considering these fun and playful ideas.


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