Hair Salon Etiquette You Should Keep in Mind

4 Jan

Practising good salon manners is something you should pay attention to if you want to be a regular customer that the salon staff would always be happy to see and willing to accommodate even during very busy periods. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but learning how to properly act in a hair salon and establishing good relationships with its staff will certainly pay out sometime in the future. With that in mind, we listed down things that’ll certainly help in polishing your hair salon etiquette.

1. Arrive on Time During Appointments

Being on time for your hair appointments is one of the hair salon etiquettes you should consider following and working on, especially if you scheduled an appointment to one of the best hair salon in Singapore. Most salons practise the “academic quart” (a leeway of 15 minutes) when scheduling their appointments, which allows their regular customers to be arrive a bit late than the designated time, but don’t abuse it to the point that your late arrivals are already disrupting their entire scheme.

2. Patiently Wait for Your Turn

Just like you, each client are given their respective times, so you shouldn’t go ballistic in case your hair salon in Far East Plaza Singapore is still attending to his or her first client upon your arrival. Instead, patiently wait for your turn in their sofa and just flip through their magazines. If you find yourself waiting longer than you expected, however, simply call the attention of the hairdresser or salon manager. You can also ask to be prioritized as you schedule your appointment if you’re really running short on time. Remember, a good hair salon manners should be practiced with a lady-like attitude and not a diva-like approach.

3. Tip the Right People

Giving the right tip is another hair salon etiquette that’s certainly worth practising. When tipping a hair stylist, give something between 15 and 20 percent of your total service cost. The tip for the shampoo person, on the other hand, can range from one to five dollars. Tipping the person who catered to your haircare needs is one way of showing your appreciation for the excellent services that they provided, so ensure that you tip them well.

4. Talk About Appropriate Things

You made it on time for your appointment in your favourite hair salon in Singapore, remembered the tipping tips but there’s still one issue that needs to be covered – what are you going to talk about while you sit in the salon chair? Well, professional hairstylists will encourage sharing some personal details, mostly to put clients at ease. If you’re not comfortable about this, do say so. Avoid gossiping, don’t reveal details that may be too intimate, and steer clear from controversial topics. Instead, share some personal facts like your profession, age and styling routine to your hairdresser so he or she can come up with the right hairstyle for you.

5. Never Pull a No-Show Act

Pulling a no-show is definitely one of the few things that you should never do after scheduling an appointment in a hair salon. Not showing up for your appointment is even worse than standing somebody up for a date since we’re talking about the financial losses of the establishment and the wasted time of the hairdresser here. So if you think you won’t be able to show up, let them know so they can reschedule, regroup, and still earn the money they would’ve lost waiting for you to show up. Remember, if you respect your stylist’s time and effort, he or she will certainly provide you with excellent service in return.

6. Pay When the Service is Completed

You hairdresser is providing you with quality service, so it’s only fair that you pay them once the hair treatment is rendered. Don’t say that you’ll be going to the bank and will just be returning with the payment. If you scheduled an appointment to the salon, then be prepared to pay at the end of your treatment session. If you’re trying out a new hair salon in Singapore, ask your stylist about the price of the service you’ll be getting, but bring some extra bucks in case you decide to add additional services while you’re there.

7. Bring Samples of the Style You Want

Bringing sample photos of the hairstyle you want to cop is one way of ensuring that your stylist understands what you want to achieve. Simply show the sample photo to your hairdresser, but be also prepared if he tells you that it’s impossible to achieve that particular style. Have him explain why your chosen style isn’t realistic or fit for your hair, then start brainstorming on other possible styles that could fit you. Just ensure that you both understand and agree on the desired outcome of your haircut or treatment.

8. Only Use Your Phone if Necessary

Even if you don’t want to talk with your hairdresser, it’s still rude to spend most of your time in the chair texting, making calls, and responding to emails. Using your phone when your stylist is trying to give you a haircut can be distracting. There’s also a good chance that it’ll interrupt the cutting and colouring process if you become more animated. This is why it’s best to leave the conversations for when you leave the hair salon.

When setting an appointment in any of the best hair salon in Singapore, ensure that you follow these etiquettes. Not only will this help you establish a good relationship with your hair stylist, it’ll also allow you to make the most out of your trip to the salon.

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