Dine and Drink: The Best Places in Singapore for Pokemon Go Players

27 Aug

The launch of mobile game app Pokemon Go has been a massive hit since the summer of 2016. Hundreds and thousands of people began to log into servers and play the game — which generally entails running along the streets catching Pokemons in the real life and battling in gyms with the other trainers. The phenomenon spanned all across the globe and the game’s daily active users aren’t children alone. It has been found out that even some working adults play the game too!

In Singapore, it is not an uncommon sight to see people glued to their phones as they chase pokemons during lunch hour or over the weekend. A lot of players flock to different places scattered across the city, with most of them being restaurants, cafés, and bars. One’s pokeballs, a game item used to catch these creatures, are limited and might run out but you can always get some more within places which has Pokestops. Adding a pokestop to an establishment has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy in luring potential customers in.

This article will list some of the best restaurants, cafés, and bars with Pokestops in Singapore. While fueling up your stomachs with great food and drink choices, you can also fill up your game inventory at the same time. Talk about hitting two birds with the same stone! Besides, what more better way of waiting for your food to arrive than catching Pokemons?

Spice up your quality personal time at coffeeshops by catching as many pokemons as you can! Cafés such as Caffebene, Jones the Grocer, L’Espresso, and Starbucks in Singaporean Malls and Plazas have pokestops where you can add more items to your inventory while taking a sip of your espresso. Who knows, maybe you can sight a Psyduck across you — better practice on throwing that pokeball.

The waiting time in restaurants can be a struggle especially if you run on an empty stomach. At times, nothing seems enough to take your mind off the food you ordered. Often it even feels like it takes forever to arrive! Games like Pokemon Go is one effective distraction which can turn your waiting experience from hassle to fun. Bistro 1855, Aji-Ichi, and Crystal Jade Dining In are only some of the restaurants which has pokestops. Find other exciting dining options by taking a walk around!

Who said Pokemon Go is only meant to be enjoyed by children? Grabbing a drink at your nearest pub has never been this thrilling when a Snorlax is just right beside your beer bottle. Some bars in Singapore like Jibiru and Paulaner Brauhaus have pokestops for your gaming convenience. Time for a new place for that next happy hour!

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