Common Health Screening Tests

31 Mar

What is Health Screening?
Health screening refers to the tests done to detect health complications that don’t show any symptoms. The aim is early detection and surveillance of health to detect diseases early enough to treat it most effectively or reduce the risk of disease development. Health screening tests in Singapore do not cure diseases, but can certainly help in providing cure by identifying what kind of disease a person has and what treatment is the most appropriate for the condition.

When is screening tests helpful?
What makes health screening in Singapore valuable is its ability to detect potential health complications. Although some tests may not be 100% accurate in all cases, getting screened at recommended times by your doctor is still more valuable than not having them at all.

Common Screening Tests
Health screening packages in Singapore include different kinds of screening tests, whether it is for individual or corporate health screening. However, the frequency of the tests varies based on the age, health, and medical history of every patient. The most common health screening packages offered by clinics in Singapore often include cholesterol measurements, fecal occult blood, pap test and prostate specific antigen.
•Cholesterol Measurement
Cholesterol is the wax-like substance that can be found in every body part. It is a common test item in many health screening in Singapore as good food in the sunny island causes many problems. It helps in the production of vitamin D, some body hormones, and cell membranes. The cholesterol in the bloodstream is produced by the liver and the food we eat. However, the amount of cholesterol needed by the body is already well-supplemented by the liver alone, making the cholesterol from the food an excessive product. This is the reason why cholesterol measurement tests should be done; to keep track of the amount of cholesterol in the body. If not detected and prevented early, it may lead to the development of fatal heart-related diseases.

•Fecal Occult Blood
Fecal occult blood is identified by chemical tests or by microscopic analysis for hemoglobin in the stool. Blood in the stool may indicate that the person has cancerous growth in the body, which if not prevented may lead to colorectal cancer. The health screening in Singapore test will require the patient to bring three stool samples for microscopic examination and analysis. However, not all blood in the stool are cancer-related, it could also be due to other non-cancerous factors like foods, medication, haemorrhoids, or gastrointestinal bleeding.
•Pap Test (or also known as Pap Smear)
The Pap test is considered to be one of the most important health screening tests for women in Singapore. It is done by taking samples of cells from the cervix for cellular changes examination to detect if there are any indications of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a symptomless disease in its early stage and can be very fatal if left untreated. Conversely, not all Pap smear are cancerous, it could be just an abnormality that can be treated with few medications.
•Prostate Specific Antigen

If Pap test in a health screening packages is for Singapore women, prostate specific antigen is for men. Antigens are substances that is said to be responses from the immune system. High level of prostate specific antigen can be a sign of prostate cancer. However, not only prostate cancer can elevate the prostate specific antigen level, it could also be other kinds of prostate conditions like the swelling of the prostate, which is a non-cancerous abnormality.

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