7 Tips to Get the Most From Your Vocal Warm-Ups

7 Nov

Actually, there’s no “best way” to warm up your voice, but it’s an important practice to get your voice started before singing.

The purpose of vocal warm up is to prepare your voice to sing by gradually increasing circulation of oxygen to all the muscles involved in producing your singing voice. And to ensure you get the best results in every warm up exercise you do with your vocal training in Singapore, here are some tips you can incorporate into your training.


1. Posture is important.
Maintain proper posture. Remember that your entire body houses your vocal system, and therefore it should be free of tension. Pay attention to your posture throughout your singing and make sure you’re standing straight with your body weight balanced on both feet.

2. Your neck is a crucial area.
As a singer, the neck is the most critical part of your body. It houses the nerves, blood vessels, the spinal cord, and your vocal mechanism. When warming up at www.milletmusic.com.sg in Singapore and on the actual singing, keep your neck straight and your head up to let the sound easily pass through it.

3. Vocal warm-up exercises vary.
While there are certain warm-ups that can work for any Singapore singer, this isn’t the case for all warm-up exercises. Every singer has his/her own vocal strengths and weaknesses that have to be taken care of before proceeding with the actual singing performance. Also, another important matter to consider is the way the warm-ups are executed. It’s important to ensure that the exercises are performed properly as this greatly affects in keeping the voice in good health.


4. The right food enhances your performance.
Hydrating foods is the key to a healthier voice. Consuming fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as raw tomatoes, celery, cucumber, and melons are welcome relief for hard-working vocal chords. On the other hand, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks can dry out your vocal system, making it difficult and sometimes painful to sing higher notes. Also, even though Singapore has many of such foods, dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter, are also not recommended for singers as these foods increase production of mucous in the throat.

5. Sitting properly is as important as standing straight.
Standing is the recommended position for singing, but if you prefer sitting down, you can of course do so without affecting the sound you produce. Sit upright with your shoulders in line with your hips. When singing or warming up for longer time, switch your position every 10 to 15 minutes to keep your body from feeling fatigued.

6. Phrasing gives you time to breathe.
You can practice phrasing before or after doing a warm-up. Phrasing gives you time to breathe while singing, and prepares your vocal chords when about to hit higher notes. When phrasing, look over the lyrics of the song and figure out where the natural pauses are, which is also where you take breaks and breaths. Phrasing is a necessary part of preparation so you can sing without running out of air or gasping for breath.

7. The more you open your mouth, the better you sound.
You may have heard from your vocal training instructor to open your mouth wide when singing to create better sound. Do the same thing when warming up. This allows you to get used to the feeling, especially when feeling self-conscious about generously opening your mouth.

Warming up is a part of every singing endeavour. Whether you are a professional Singapore singer or still an aspiring one, you can get the most out of your warm-ups by keeping these helpful tips in mind.


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